Rumors of Zac Efron Dating Alexandra Daddario

Zac Efron is dating Alexandra Daddario? That’s what many fans ask, and it would make sense since both actors are partners in the Baywatch remake. But sadly both actors have denied that they are dating.

Zac Efron and Alex Daddario in Baywatch

Zac Efron is one of the most attractive and most demanded guys in the film industry. His partner in the new installment of ‘The Baywatch’, Alexandra Daddario, knows it and has not been able to resist. In a recent interview about the film, the actress confessed one of the most incredible moments of the shooting when she was filming one of the scenes with actor of ‘High school Musical’, Zac, and had to touch her abs. “Yes, I did it, I had to do it for an interview where I would fool around with him and touch his waist,” the actress declared for ET magazine. Zac Efron has a great body and height measurements are also decent.

Daddario stated the she was in a shock:

“It was a bit like ‘I was not ready’, it was like a blow that pierced me, I do not know, he’s not like a human, it’s like something carved by Michelangelo’s hand. It’s amazing.”

. No wonder that Alexandra was stunned to have to shoot a scene of that level: anyone would have had Zac Efron in front.

We had to wait until June 16 for ‘The Baywatch’ to reach our cinemas. We watched the film and we can enjoyed the performance of both Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario and all the cast in this new long-awaited installment. At Soundsofbuzz, we are pray that this cute couple ends up being together.

Zac denied the rumor saying to The Daily Telegraph : “As far as I know she has not said yes.” LOL!

For a few weeks it has been rumored that Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario are dating, but is that true?

The 31 year old beautiful actress also commented on the matter: “It makes sense because we are a couple in the movie – Zac and I are just good friends” – said the girl.

On the big screen they are Summer and Brody. The rumors began with a Hollywood Life report, with a “source” claiming that the couple had been dating secretly for months. The source said they had instant chemistry on the set and Zac was attracted to her co-star because he believes she is “more mature and sophisticated” than other women he has been with.

Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron Kiss

Earlier this month the actor of “Neighbors” ignited speculation because he kissed Daddario at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. And it was said that while waiting to present a prize they were very close backstage. Alexandra shared that nice pic with Zac on MTV and she also proved very excited to be with him. Awwww … they would make a nice couple, but as Zac said, she has not said yes.

If you were attentive to Soundsofbuzz, you surely saw that Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario had been photographed in quite close together. However, given the recent events in Alexandra Daddario love life, for some reason we did not believe that they were actually dating, but that they could simply be in the sometimes painful FRIENDZONE .

However, the latest images captured from the lovebirds yesterday confirm the rumor (or at least, try to give more credibility to it): Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddatio might be dating. The new couple was caught on at an event and even giving themselves some kisses and pampering in front of the cameras.

Many will remember that Alexandra Daddario had a breakup in 2016 and is still single. Also, Zac Efron also recently brokeup which makes us beleive that these celebrities are in relationship, but at present are shying away from media and public.

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