Leonardo DiCaprio will be Charles Manson in the New Tarantino Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the famous killer Charles Manson in Quentin Tarantino’s new film focused on the murders of the infamous convicted criminal in which Margot Robbie could also be present.

Leonardo Dicaprio

A few months ago we learned about the new Quentin Tarantino project, a film focused on the murders and crimes of Charles Manson. A new piece of news, or rumor if you prefer, emerges around this film. And it is speculated that the person in charge to embody the dangerous sectarian leader would be none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who was rumored to also play the Joker, the dangerous psychopath of DC Comics. Or at least that’s what Deadline says, in an article published on its website.

The new project of Quentin Tarantino, ‘9’, remains unknown, but the latest information, as published by Deadline, directs Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie as protagonists.

The film will focus on the murders of Charles Manson, and everything seems to indicate that DiCaprio would embody the criminal, while Robbie would stay with the role of one of his victims, Sharon Tate. Samuel L. Jackson and Brad Pitt would also be negotiating their participation in the Tarantino movie novel.

For those who do not know the facts, Charles Manson became unfortunately famous for the murders committed by him and his sect. One of his most famous crimes being carried out in the Roman mansion of Roman Polanski, in which his wife died, who at that time was eight months pregnant, Sharon Tate, and other guests.

Charles Manson
Charles Manson

This summer we commented that Quentin Tarantino had decided to tell the story of the crimes of the Manson family in his ninth film. Now Deadline reports that he has finished the script and is presenting it to several studios as this will be the first project without the production of Harvey Weinstein (due to the sexual harassment scandal).

At the moment there are not many details about this drama set in Los Angeles during the 60s and early 70s, and provisionally titled ‘#9’. Apparently, the script reminds ‘Pulp Fiction’ and one of the “chapters” focuses on Sharon Tate, the actress murdered by the clan of Charles Manson in 1969. It is rumored that Tarantino has offered the role to Margot Robbie and also It talks about Jennifer Lawrence, although it could be to play another character.

According to these rumors published on the web, they have transcended details about the casting by pointing out that the actor from Leonardo DiCaprio would be the actor preferred by Tarantino to get into the flesh of Manson. Meanwhile, other regulars of the director’s films, such as Samuel L. Jackson, would also be counted among the names that would make up the cast. Like that of Margot Robbie ( Suicide Squad ), who would be the designated performer for the role of Sharon Tate. Finally, another head of the list, which could be in negotiations, would be Brad Pitt, whose role has not transcended either.

It is said that Tarantino wrote several characters with these actors in mind but, of course, that does not mean that they will be in the final cast, at the moment they are only the director’s favorite options.

It should be remembered that DiCaprio already worked under Tarantino in ‘Django Unchained’ and it is known that they had a confrontation during the shooting. Although it is to be assumed that both have left that conflict behind, possibly motivated by the stress of the production. And in the end, the star participated in the promotion of the premiere.

Going back to ‘# 9’, it is affirmed that the budget will be around 100 million dollars, just the cost of ‘Django unchained’. The only production that is not fighting for the Tarantino project is Disney, for obvious reasons. The filmmaker intends to start filming in the summer of 2018 and release at the end of the year (we know he likes it on December 25) or early 2019.

At the moment there is no official confirmation about the distribution of Tarantino’s film and the figure of Charles Manson, but remember that the medium that offers this information usually has sources of the highest order. Hence. we almost take for granted the veracity of these affirmations.

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