Katy Perry Appears in Surprise at a Wedding and Drives Everyone Crazy

This wedding that was held a few days ago in Missouri had a special guest: Katy Perry appeared by surprise in the marriage celebration of Blonie Dudney and Hayley Rosenblum. According to the event’s official photographer, Ray Prop, the party was already fading when Perry arrived along with her band of musicians.

Katy Perry

It is not the first time that Katy Perry was seen at a wedding, but the fact that such occasions do speak of her great personality and simplicity. On this occasion, Katy Perry was in St. Louis, Missouri due to a concert. When Katy Perry learned that there was a wedding at the Four Seasons hotel (where she was staying), she made a plan to visit it.

The artist was staying at the Four Seasons hotel, the same one where the post-wedding party of these two young people was taking place. And then she appeared, when there were only about 30 people left in the room.

Katy Perry invited herself to the party with her band, dressed in “sunglasses, tops, jeans, bandanas and hat”, explains the photographer of the envite, who adds that she even joined a couple and danced together. In total, she stayed at the party for 10 minutes, which the few attendees took to immortalize with selfies and videos:

As you can see that the American singer Katy Perry appeared of surprise (not to say that she slipped) in a marriage where the party was already getting boring, until the star went crazy with everyone with her explosive personality.

This is not the first time that Katy Perry joins unexpectedly in a wedding, but the fact that she does it speaks very well of its simplicity. On this occasion, the interpreter of “Roar” was in St. Louis, Missouri (due to a concert he did in the area) when she learned that the Four Seasons hotel, where the pop artist was staying, was conducting a wedding.

According to the official photographer of the event, Ray Prop, the party was already dying out until Katy arrived with her band of musicians. She was dressed with a sport look (cap, glasses and jeans), therefore, stood out among long dresses, suits and ties.

“They made noise, they wanted a party, and they came to us!” shared Prop to E! News. There were 30 or 40 guests left and they were doing the famous “little train” on the dance floor. Then the photographer continued:

“Suddenly, the crazy human train stopped where the couple were, and a woman with short blond hair, wearing a baseball cap, said, ‘Do you mind if we sneak into your wedding?'”

The artist not only encouraged the party, but danced with the newlyweds, Blonie Dudney and Hayley Rosenblum. “Katy grabbed the new husbands and took them to the dance floor, where things got a little crazy ,” the photographer commented.

After congratulating the newly married couple Blonie Dudney and Hayley Rosenblum, she headed her way to the room.

There is no doubt that the singer knows how to set the mood and, although her own marriage to Rusell Brand has not worked, it is true that she continues to love weddings.

Many fans of Katy, tweeted about how lucky the couple was and it was so nice of her visiting that wedding. Many fans also tweeted that they want to meet Katy Perry. Well, this simple gesture of this beautiful singer not only got her new fans, but also get a special place in many hearts.

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