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20 Facts You Should Know About Adam Levine

Adam Noah Levine, vocalist of Maroon 5 was born on March 18, Declared ‘The sexiest man in the world’ by People magazine in 2013 and future dad (awaits his first child with model Behati Prinsloo), we are sure that has robbed many hearts.


In addition to having recorded an absolute success (“Moves Like Jagger”) with Christina Aguilera, Levine had also collaborated with other stars. Among them we can list Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kanye West and Ying Yang Twins.

The singer and leader of the very successful music group Maroon 5 has some unknown facts we are about to reveal. What happens is that the man in question is one of the most striking and talented characters in the current industry. Also, it’s special, in every way. Handsome, intelligent and enterprising, Levine can serve as an example to other men.

Since we realize the physical and intellectual attraction of the nice Adam Levine, we have prepared a couple of curiosities. Undoubtedly, all your fans will like it … We bet that, in more than one occasion you will release a sigh of emotion. By the way, once again we wish you a very happy birthday! read more

Katy Perry Appears in Surprise at a Wedding and Drives Everyone Crazy

This wedding that was held a few days ago in Missouri had a special guest: Katy Perry appeared by surprise in the marriage celebration of Blonie Dudney and Hayley Rosenblum. According to the event’s official photographer, Ray Prop, the party was already fading when Perry arrived along with her band of musicians.

Katy Perry

It is not the first time that Katy Perry was seen at a wedding, but the fact that such occasions do speak of her great personality and simplicity. On this occasion, Katy Perry was in St. Louis, Missouri due to a concert. When Katy Perry learned that there was a wedding at the Four Seasons hotel (where she was staying), she made a plan to visit it.

The artist was staying at the Four Seasons hotel, the same one where the post-wedding party of these two young people was taking place. And then she appeared, when there were only about 30 people left in the room.

Katy Perry invited herself to the party with her band, dressed in “sunglasses, tops, jeans, bandanas and hat”, explains the photographer of the envite, who adds that she even joined a couple and danced together. In total, she stayed at the party for 10 minutes, which the few attendees took to immortalize with selfies and videos: read more