15 Facts You Should Know About Alex Pettyfer

Here are the tops things that you possible didn’t knew about Alex Pettyfer. Get to know everything from this personal to professional life.

Alex Pettyfer

He did not get along very well with Channing Tatum
Fellow of shooting in Magic Mike, Alex did not manage to get along with Channing during the same. Not only that, but they had a great fight that made them enemies. In a recent interview he gave a statement that Channing Tatum does not like me and this was all over the news for sometime.

He has an excellent relationship with fashion
Not in vain, Alex began as a model. And not only catwalk, but has been very linked to a British brand, Burberry. It has been the signature image several times. Here we see him already on the other side, in the front row of a recent fashion show of London Fashion Week, next to another gorgeous Brit, David Gandy.

He is a close friend of Connor Cruise
The DJ and the actor have become inseparable. This image is from the last Coachella Festival, to which they went together and even sharing the look of suspenders-cap-sunglasses in the shape of muscled colleagues.

He is a fan of motorcycles
And, of course, he shares this passion with his great friend Connor Cruise, who has even dared to give some driving lessons.

He is one of the sexiest men on the planet
And we do not say it, but the media of his country have given different titles to his sex appeal in recent times. In 2009, when only 19 years old, he was named the 35th bachelor most desired by Company magazine. That same year, Glamor UK named him the 21st sexiest man on the planet.

He was an adorable boy
Before muscular and acquiring that permanent face of ‘I am enormously sexy’, Alex was a cute guy. Although he now appears to be older than the 23 years he really is, there was a time when he looked like a real teenager.

Likes Matthew McConauguey
It was in Magic Mike, the film in which he showed that he can compete with some of the most desired movie torsos, like Matthew. Neither clashing nor had anything to envy him.

He is a big fan of tattoos

Thanks to Magic Mike, we not only discovered Alex’s body, but also some secrets, like his tattoos. It has a total of 7, although it highlights the great Celtic cross that it carries on its left pectoral. It also has the phrase What goes around comes around on one shoulder, an inscription very surprising and an image of a heart on his right wrist. Also there are an E and an R that correspond to Emma Roberts, whom he met during the filming of Wild Child in 2008 and with whom he had a relationship.

He was Dianna Agron’s boyfriend
Along with Glee star Alex Pettyfer lived a relationship that began in the shooting of “I am number four” and ended with a not so friendly breakup in 2011.

He was rumored to be dating Riley Keough
Also known as the daughter of Lisa-Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, who coincided with the shooting of Magic Mike. Although it is not confirmed, the rumors suggest that they are in relationship, despite the rumors of infidelity in which he was involved last summer.

He is a very tender man
In the last installment of the Glaad awards he had to present one with the veteran actress Bettie White. With her he starred in a funny scene in which White did not hide how attracted he was to Alex, who ended up giving him a tender kiss on the look.

He also knows how to exploit his ugly side
Every actor, however attractive, has to play a physically unpleasant character to show that it is much more than a pretty face. He did it in 2011 in Beastly, next to Vanessa Hudgens (no, he did not have anything with her). In this film, he plays the typical bad guy who by a strange curse dawns a bald morning, his face tattooed and scarred.

He is an elegant guy

Christopher Bailey does not hire anyone to lend his face to Burberry, so we must recognize that Alex Pettyfer not only has a very good looks but he wears the costumes very elegantly. Okay, it’s usually more demanded to see him without a shirt, but when he wears a dress, it’s also worth it.

History with Ewan McGregor
This story is from the time when Alex was only 16 years old and had starred in his second film, next to Ewan McGregor, Stormbreaker. The shaved hair and the half-flared trousers with the unstitched hems.

He is very British
Although he lives in Los Angeles and is developing the most important part of his career in Hollywood, Alex is more British than the Union Jack. And he shows it every time he opens his mouth off a set of filming with his creamy English accent that seduces Americans.

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