20 Facts You Should Know About Adam Levine

Adam Noah Levine, vocalist of Maroon 5 was born on March 18, Declared ‘The sexiest man in the world’ by People magazine in 2013 and future dad (awaits his first child with model Behati Prinsloo), we are sure that has robbed many hearts.


In addition to having recorded an absolute success (“Moves Like Jagger”) with Christina Aguilera, Levine had also collaborated with other stars. Among them we can list Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kanye West and Ying Yang Twins.

The singer and leader of the very successful music group Maroon 5 has some unknown facts we are about to reveal. What happens is that the man in question is one of the most striking and talented characters in the current industry. Also, it’s special, in every way. Handsome, intelligent and enterprising, Levine can serve as an example to other men.

Since we realize the physical and intellectual attraction of the nice Adam Levine, we have prepared a couple of curiosities. Undoubtedly, all your fans will like it … We bet that, in more than one occasion you will release a sigh of emotion. By the way, once again we wish you a very happy birthday!

For that reason, taking advantage of the facts we know about Adam Levine from this childhood to now, we tell you some things that maybe you did not know about him.

1. Adam is a fan of yoga. When Maroon 5 is on tour, his instructor accompanies him and always does some yoga minutes before the concerts. Levine is one of many artists who does yoga daily and, to top it off, enjoys it. When Maroon 5 is on tour, they travel with a yoga instructor who performs sessions before the concerts.

2. His first kiss was at age 11 , with a girl named Katie. For the first time Adam kissed a girl at just 11 years of age. Everything happened during a camp organized by his school. In an interview with Elle magazine , the musician said he was “scared and delighted.”

3. His musical career began in 1994 when he founded the band Kara’s Flowers, of which he was a guitarist and vocalist.

4. This band came out in an episode of the series Beverly Hills 90210.

5. He worked as an assistant writer in the series ‘Amy’s Court’.

6. As a teenager, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. With medical help he kept it under control. As he admits himself, he is not free from defects. Fortunately, he managed to control his condition with the help of doctors.

7. Adam is ambidextrous: he writes with his left hand, but he plays guitar with his right.

8. He is afraid of bees and sharks.

9. Songs about Jane, the first album by Maroon 5, is inspired by Jane Herman, a former Vogue journalist.

10. His favorite movie of all time: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

11. As a teenager, Adam had severe acne.

12. Has a large collection of underwear with superhero motifs.

13. His favorite drink is tequila.

14. He entered the University to study music, but he retired after a semester.

15. Adam is a registered Democrat and supported Barack Obama in his two presidential campaigns.

16. One of his closest friends is the famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Another is also actor, Jonah Hill, he thinks of him “like a brother”. With the two men he met while they were still children and he keeps in touch with them until today.

17. Man did not always make a living as a singer. He also worked as a waiter in a restaurant, and attended the screenwriter of a series produced by CBS, “Judging Amy.” Truly, he is a man of several talents.

18. As much as it costs to believe it, our protagonist is not the only member of his family that could be considered successful. Adam’s father founded a boutique called M. Fredric, which is a very fashionable place in Los Angeles. His uncle, in addition, is a successful journalist and editor, Timothy Noah.

19. When their band goes on tour, Maroon 5 members use bio-diesel buses to move from one place to another. All that, because Adam is not a fan of aviation and flying.

20. The singer likes animals very much, and especially dogs. He even owns a beautiful golden retriever called “Frankie”. He enjoys going out on walks with him.

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